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Why is Structural Drying Important in Your Home or Business?

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structural dryingWhat Is a Typical Progression of Work
for Structural Drying?

When it comes to structural drying, every water damage project is the same in some areas and is different in others. In our last article we attempted to explain, in general terms, what structural drying means.

Structural drying mainly refers to drying out the building materials that have absorbed the moisture while the “free” water was still evident in the home or business.

Initial Assessments

As we perform our initial assessment and begin our work to dry everything possible, the uniqueness of the amount of damage and the types of building materials affected will determine what approaches and different techniques will be used.

Some Materials Must be Removed to Begin Structural Drying

When some materials get wet, we know from experience that they must be removed. These include materials that aren’t going to be able to be successfully dried and reused. It might be wood flooring or laminate floors.

But it can also include some of the paint-grade wall baseboard materials and wall board. They just aren’t able to deal with exposure to water. Most painted baseboards and other trim materials are made from a medium or even a high density particle board. It’s almost a sure thing that when this type of material absorbs water or moisture, it swells and cannot be returned to it’s original, pre-loss shape or surface condition.

We know fairly early in the process whether or not those types of materials are present and in what locations the damage is found. It needs to be removed. We’re going through the structure to make similar assessments of all the materials, trying to dry as much as we can in place, but selectively and carefully removing materials that are too damaged or have been structurally affected.

ASAP – a.k.a “As Soon As Possible”
The Key to Reduce Structural Drying and Costs

At this point, the speed of the response and how long the leak was underway becomes very important. If we are called quickly and are able to extract most of the water in a “free” or liquid state, that really speeds everything up and simplifies the process.

However, water inevitably gets into building materials. It gets into and behind baseboards, door jambs and underneath cabinetry, and those are the areas that we’ve got to monitor each day. Upon arrival each day, we will review our assessment and monitor the drying process. We have forms that record and help us document and monitor the progress from these readings.

Our readings and monitoring will confirm the progress and success in creating an effective drying chamber. Because we have control points (moisture readings of similar but unaffected materials) we’re measuring each day, recording the moisture readings, and will know and be able to document as we begin to approach the dry standard.

Normal Structural Drying and Extremes Must Be Considered

That might take as little as three days. More typically it requires between four and six days.There have been instances where a property was damaged and was wet perhaps for a long time. Possibly, the owner was traveling or maybe the leak or water damage continued in an area that it wasn’t accessible and no one recognized that there was a problem. This is when some building materials can get totally saturated and the moisture is deeply bound.

It will take a lot longer in these instances. Sometimes it’s less expensive and more productive to be able to start repairs and replacement earlier to get the homeowner or business owner back into their space more quickly. Repairs and rebuilding is usually not recommended until all structural drying has been confirmed to be 100% complete, and your insurance carrier will insist on determination that the structural drying is complete and the documentation that proves it.

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