Water Damage to Wood Floors

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Water Damage Wood Floors

Wood Floors Are Now Used Nearly Everywhere in Homes

Water Damage Restoration and Property Damage Repair in McKinney, TXWe see more use of wood floors in homes in more areas of the homes than ever before. Wood floors of all kinds are being installed not only in the typical areas such as Foyers, Family Rooms, and Hallways but are also being used extensively in many Kitchens and also in Master Bathrooms. Water damage to wood floors can happen anywhere and while these areas are typically thought of and considered “wet”, many of the new wood floor products are thought to work better in these areas than the traditional, full-thick solid wood flooring materials.

Just as with carpet, there are many different types and styles of wood flooring used today. With that said, when we encounter water damage to wood floors, every project must be taken on an individualized case-by-case basis.

How Much Water is Critical

However as we review each specific home condition and situation, we find that the amount of water damage to the wood floors is a much larger factor in determining the ability to “save” a water damaged wood floor than the type of material used. We have been called into water damage situations where solid wood floors are installed and also were the newer “engineered” wood floors are damaged as well.

Different Wood Floor Installation Methods Can Make a Difference Too

Now without a doubt some of the damage can be mitigated by the installation method used. Most people are unaware that wood floors can be nailed either to floors joists or to “sleepers” (usually used over concrete slabs), they can be directly glued-down to a concrete slab using a mastic type material while others are considered “floating” because they are installed on top of a felt-like underlayment or maybe a foam pad.

In varying or higher humidity situations such as bathrooms or kitchens, this type of installation method allows the wood materials to shrink or swell without any noticeable buckling or permanent damage from moisture absorption. In addition, these types of installations are much faster to take back up, sometimes minimizing permanent damage to the wood floor as a result of water damage. Because of the importance of the underlayment, we normally recommend that this part of the floor system be replaced to reduce latent moisture causing further problems to the wood floor material.

Whatever the material or the amount of water, it always pays to have experienced professionals working with you to mitigate and minimize the water damage.

Professional Restoration Specialists

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