Water Damage Restoration, Insurance, and your Deductible

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Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in the Frisco / McKinney, Texas areaDeciding who will pay when water damages or destroys your home is a serious and often tricky matter. Most home owner’s insurance is very carefully written to limit the insurers liability for covering water damage restoration costs. Before disaster strikes there are some things you should look at carefully to make sure the reconstruction process goes smoothly and you don’t get stuck with an unexpected bill.

Read the Fine Print

Take a close look at the fine print in your home owner’s policy and make changes if you need to. Paying more for a policy that actually covers water damage to your property is much cheaper than paying water damage restoration costs out of pocket.

The first thing you need to understand is exactly what your insurer defines as water damage. Most home owner’s policies make a careful distinction between water damage and flood damage. They will flatly refuse to pay if there is any way your insurer can call it “flood damage.” You might need to consider upgrading your policy and acquiring flood insurance to be fully protected against high water damage restoration costs.

Water Damage Restoration and your Deductible

Black’s Law Dictionary Online recommends upgrading to HO3 home owner’s insurance to get the most coverage with the lowest deductible. This level policy does cost more but the added coverage makes it value for the money. In some cases, insurance companies require water damage restoration companies collect the deductible up front before the work begins. PuroClean understands that most families just don’t have $500 to $1000 in cash lying when disaster strikes.

Our policy is different from many water damage restoration firms because we don’t think it proper to request payment before the job is done. Instead, we ask for a credit card as evidence of financial worthiness by the customer. This allows us to be authorized to get on with the work so that you can get back in your property quickly.

Storm Water Damage Restoration Insurance

What your policy covers for water damage restoration after a thunderstorm or other related event might give you a rude shock. It is a case of wind vs. water; most policies cover the damage cause when high winds tear up your place but will not pay if torrential rainfall or storm surges do the same damage. It is wise to compare policies to get coverage that works best for your family. The Texas Department of Insurance website offers a wide range of resources to help you learn more about home owner’s insurance. Visit their Thunderstorms, Wind, and Hail Storm Resource Page for detailed information to download a Homeowners, Flood, and Windstorm Policies Comparison to help get the best coverage for your home.

When disaster strikes, contact PuroClean, the paramedics of property damage. We are the Dallas Fort Worth industry leaders in fire, smoke, and water damage restoration and are ready to help!

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