Water Damage Issues – Quickness Counts!

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There is an old saying, that some problems we can ignore and they will go away. Water damage is not one of those problems.

When clients first call us, we’re often asked how quickly we can respond. We understand why a quick response is critical.

How Does Water Damage Your Home?

When water damage has occurred, it is typically worsening as time goes on…in several different ways.

  • First, water damage migrates. When the water damage isn’t quickly addressed and measures to stop it’s spreading, then it will spread or “migrate” into unseen areas such as under cabinets, under baseboards and wood in contact with the slab or floor such as wall framing materials, etc.
  • Secondly, it “wicks” or is absorbed into and through building materials. As the water damage spreads under and around the objects described above, these building materials slowly soaks up the water. The more they are allowed to soak up or absorb the water damage, the more difficult it is to dry out.
    • For example, underneath your carpet is usually a pad, and that pad is almost like a sponge. It takes the water and pulls it further than you would imagine; beyond what you can feel at the surface, so water has almost always gone further than what you would expect.
    • Other building materials like drywall are very porous, dry materials and have the ability to wick water upward, defying gravity. Over the course of several hours, water may climb up 24″, 30″ or more up your walls.

Time Is Of The Essence.

A fast response is critical. It lessens the amount and severity of the damage.

Our team will double check to make certain we have all the right equipment loaded for the type of emergency services needed. If necessary they may add additional equipment to that which is already stocked in the truck or van going out.

It takes a little time to get to a property typically, and if it’s after standard business hours, then our team will move quickly to assemble at the shop while the checks are in progress. In any event, our team of professionals will arrive ready and equipped, as soon as physically possible, to help you save your home from continued damage as quickly as possible.

What Can the Homeowner Do To Help?

There are definitely some things that you as the homeowner can do in the interim.

  • First, try to determine and stop the flow or source of the water.
  • Secondly, anything that you can do as far removing the water is helpful. After the source of water is stopped, getting the water out of your home is the very next priority.  Depending on the water damage severity, we recommend that a homeowner use a squeegee or towels, rags, etc. Some may try to use a standard Shop Vacuum. It’s important to understand that this may or may not work well. Not all Shop Vacs are created equally. Standard Shop Vacs may be dry vacuums or they may be both wet and dry type vacuums. We always try to caution our callers that they should only use a Wet Vac in the case of water damage as the more prevalent type (dry type) will be ruined very quickly.

Our teams come to a water damage site with industrial grade, high capacity Wet Vacs, Dryers, De-Humidifiers & Air Movers, designed and manufactured to all work at maximum capacity for hours on end.

Water Damage and Electrical Danger

Water DamageSafety of the homeowner and the family are a primary concern. Many times there is standing water on the floor. If the Shop Vac has been stored out in the garage, sometimes for years, the condition of the electrical cord and connection is critical. We recommend that a homeowner to thoroughly inspect any electrical component to make certain that they do not stand in water with an electrical cord that has cuts or nicks in it. That is a very dangerous situation.

All our equipment is cleaned, inspected and tested after each project to ensure the safety of not only our teams but the homeowner and family.

Consequential Damage To Items Inside Your Home

There may be other water damage occurring when you first think the problem has been stopped:

  • Furniture with metal legs that are standing in water perhaps on tile; if you can get those moved as quickly as possible that’s going to be helpful.
    • Damage is occurring in two directions,
      • the metal legs themselves could begin to tarnish and rust, or
      • bleeding rust from the piece of furniture may also damage the tile or the grout that the tile is set in.
  • A similar reaction could possibly occur with carpet where if you have wooden pieces of furniture.
    • Water may be penetrating into the furniture and causing damage to the furniture, or the furniture may be releasing its stain into the carpet, and depending on the severity.
    • How long that might occur will determine whether or not we have a spot that can be cleaned or a stain that is permanent.
  • If you’ve got areas that items are tucked away, hidden spots, closets.
  • A lot of times homeowners may forget that they have put valuable items underneath their bed if a bedroom has been affected.
  • Anything you can move quickly that could be in a cardboard box or a plastic container or a bag. There are actually a lot of personal possessions and items of value in your home that could be damaged by sitting in water.

We provide a list like this so a homeowner and the family members can quickly begin to help save valuable and sometimes irreplaceable or cherished items while awaiting our arrival for the heavier water damage cleanup.

Experienced Professional Restoration

If you have experienced water damage and now need water extraction, mold or mildew remediation, we recommend that you contact professionals such as PuroClean Restoration Specialists. When it’s an interior leak, with timely contact, quick response and professional structural drying, we can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets and most contents!

We have the instruments and capability to measure the moisture content inside walls, of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard. We offer all conceivable water damage and emergency clean up services, as well as comprehensive mold or mildew removal, including carpet cleaning and restoration.

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