Is All This Training and Certification Necessary for Mold Remediation ?

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Mold or mildew infestations often grow on walls, behind sinks and in places which are not visible or in areas where homeowners or business owners rarely look. By the time it is noticed, there is probably a significant amount of mold and is no longer a job for the owners to attempt on their own.


Mold remediation requires specialized knowledge and should be entrusted only to professionals with the right training, experience, licenses, equipment and skill sets.

Why is it So Importantly to Perform Mold Remediation Correctly?

  • Mold inspection and clean up done carelessly can:
    • Disturb the mold causing it to reproduce faster if it is not killed in place,
    • Cleaning can cause the mold spores to become air-borne, settling in other locations, and
    • Needlessly exposing the inhabitants to serious health issues such as allergies, infections.
  • A mold remediation expert for an annual check can help:
    • Identify problems in their early stages making the remediation process simpler and less costly,
    • Professional remediation services ensure that the mold or mildew is entirely and thoroughly removed,
    • Avoid recurrence of the growth, making the place safer for habitation and reducing potential future liability issues.

Who is Qualified to Perform Mold Remediation?

The restoration services provider you select to get rid of mold and mildew, as well as individual workers engaged to work while the mold and mildew is present in the environment must be technically qualified and certified in mold remediation.

Look for certifications from industry sanctioning bodies like The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) which train, tests and certifies people within the restoration contractor industry.

Based on their training and experience level, they can be certified as “mold remediation expert”.  This certification verifies their experience and adherence to state and national best practices in the restoration contractors business.

PuroClean Restoration Specialists is a recognized leader in restoration training and is involved in teaching some of these methods and required procedures through courses within the insurance industry as well.

Other Training and Experience Should Be Important Too

We recommend that a homeowner or business owner also verify that the owner of the restoration company and its team leaders have other relevant certifications such as fire and smoke, water damage and applying structural drying certifications. This prevents overlap, additional costs and possibly delays as a result of a restoration contractor only being able to provide a small portion of the overall scope of work that might be necessary to get you back into you home or dwelling.

It is always advisable to engage a full service company undertaking projects of all scopes and sizes. It is likely that mold removal may necessitate removal and replacement of portions of drywall or wall structures. The restoration company must be able to match the architectural characteristics of the home or business being restored so that the reconstructed portions of the finishes or structure match or blend with the existing areas.

Professional Restoration Specialists

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