What You Need to Know About Restoration Contractors

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How Can You NOT Worry About Restoration Contractors Can It Get Any Worse? Can It Be Better? Yes, it can be better! If you require the services of restoration contractors to do some work at your home or business, it’s a pretty good indicator that you have suffered some form of loss. You are bound to be apprehensive and concerned …

Why is Using a Local Restoration Contractor Important?

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Are National Contractors More Qualified? PuroClean Restoration Specialists in Frisco is a local contractor with the backing and resources of PuroClean. PuroClean is a national company that specializes in fire and water damage restoration and disaster response.

Large Loss Projects Explained

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Large Loss Examples When is Damage Considered a “Large Loss”? Almost any type of water damage can result in a lot of destruction, called a “Large Loss” situation. Just a few inches of water can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Many times when we are called to a site that has had water damage, it’s too late to …

Large Loss - flooding in bathroom

Water Damage – What to Do and Not to Do

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Water damage to your home can be debilitating, causing a shift in your everyday routine and potentially costing you a lot of money. But how you handle the aftermath of a water emergency is just as important as knowing what to do to prevent it. Do you know how to handle a water damage emergency? Here’s what you need to …

Water Damage – Don’t Let It Devastate Your Home or Family

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We recognize that when water damage happens to you and in your home… it is a big deal! We don’t wish this type of situation on anyone. Unfortunately, we work in situations like this every day, and because of that we understand the trauma that accompanies each one. And it’s not just the damage that everyone seems to standing around and …

Mold or MIldew – Prevent a Home Invasion

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Mold or Mildew in Your Home? How Can a Homeowner Keep Mold or Mildew From Growing in Their Home After Experiencing Water Damage? QUESTION: Mold or Mildew…Why can’t I just turn the heater on high and bring some fans in to dry my house out? ANSWER: When a PuroClean vehicle arrives at a property, it is already equipped with specialty …

Water Damage – How to Deal with Wood Floors

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Water Damage and Wood Floors – Is this Similar to Mixing Oil & Water? How do You Deal with Wood Floors in a Water Damage Emergency? The extent and impact of water damage on every project must be taken on an individualized case-by-case basis. Wood floors are a very popular finish used in today’s homes, but are highly susceptible to …

Ceiling Water Damage Restoration – How to Deal with It?

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When you encounter a situation with ceiling water damage restoration, there are some important things you need to know about. But first understand that you and your family’s safety can be at risk. The damage in the photo is NOT unusual…it just may not look like this in your Kitchen or Family Room…YET!

Water Damage Restoration – Walk on Water Soaked Floors?

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Is it Safe to Walk Around on Water Soaked Floors? Water Damage Restoration – You Need Professionals! Water & Electricity Don’t Play Well with Others! When we’re in the process of water damage restoration and drying out a home, we’re often asked if it’s safe to walk around. This is a question that we’re asked quite often and it’s a …