Why You Need A Safe Room

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

A safe room is a room that is used for unexpected emergencies, especially those brought on by the weather. Whether the safe room is built in a basement, garage, or within the interior space of a home, it is meant to keep the occupant safe from things like high winds and tornadoes, theft, burglary, or earthquakes. General Safety Measures Safety is a …

Spring storms - tornado about to touch ground

Preparing Your Home for Spring Storms

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness, Safety Tips

Spring brings plenty of showers and wildflowers to North Texas, but locals know to brace for more than just rain. In this part of the country, spring means storm season, and some of the most severe weather events – tornadoes, flash floods, hail storms – are also the most difficult to predict. From March through June, people and property are …