Are There ” Contents ” Items That You Can’t Help With?

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Are Other Experts Needed with Certain Types of Contents Items? When it comes to dealing with certain types of contents at a fire or water damage site, our professionals understand that they are sometimes limited in their abilities and operational constraints. What we mean by this is better explained below.

Can I Live in My House While The Water Damage is Drying Out?

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My Water Heater just flooded my house, can I live in my house while the water damage is drying out? This is a question that we hear quite often. When something drastic happens like this, or there’s severe damage from a storm or anything like that, it affects the family. There’s just no way around it. Water damage must be …

Why is Using a Local Restoration Contractor Important?

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Are National Contractors More Qualified? PuroClean Restoration Specialists in Frisco is a local contractor with the backing and resources of PuroClean. PuroClean is a national company that specializes in fire and water damage restoration and disaster response.

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Why is Structural Drying Important in Your Home or Business?

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What Is a Typical Progression of Work for Structural Drying? When it comes to structural drying, every water damage project is the same in some areas and is different in others. In our last article we attempted to explain, in general terms, what structural drying means. Structural drying mainly refers to drying out the building materials that have absorbed the …

Water Damage and Structural Drying -Why Are These Terms Important?

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When Dealing With Water Damage, What Does the Term “ Structural Drying ” Mean? When we arrive at a property that has experienced water damage, one of our first objectives must be to determine what is defined as the “dry standard”. What should normal look like as it pertains to water damage and the moisture content of different building materials? …

Why Do I Need a Restoration Contractor

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We’ve been asked several times, “Why is a professional restoration contractor needed after someone has experienced water damage?” It seems like so many of our clients have a friend or know someone that has had water damage occur. It might be someone they work with or someone from their church…and almost every homeowner knows a plumber (or two). The Difference …

Water Damage inside the Walls?

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Water Damage FAQ – If I Can’t See Water Anymore…? How Do I Know If I Have Water Damage If I Can’t See It? If I really can’t see it, how do I even know I still may have water damage. What are the chances that it will turn into mold or mildew damage? It’s a Great Question! At PuroClean …

Mold or MIldew – Prevent a Home Invasion

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Mold or Mildew in Your Home? How Can a Homeowner Keep Mold or Mildew From Growing in Their Home After Experiencing Water Damage? QUESTION: Mold or Mildew…Why can’t I just turn the heater on high and bring some fans in to dry my house out? ANSWER: When a PuroClean vehicle arrives at a property, it is already equipped with specialty …

Technicians Wanted

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Technicians Wanted: Must Have… QUESTION: What Does It Take for a Technician to Work for You at PuroClean Restoration? ANSWER: Technical training, licensing and certifications are definitely part of the requirements that production team leaders and technicians must have. However there’s another, harder test they must pass to be ready to work for PuroClean Restoration Frisco.