The Benefits of a Backup Generator

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

The benefits of a backup generator actually begin long before the electricity goes out. The peace of mind you get from knowing that your home and family will be protected is priceless. When your home is without electricity for an extended period it may become uninhabitable, forcing you to find other accommodations. Relying on candles and flashlights just isn’t enough …

Power Outage Party Tips: What To Do When the Power Goes Out

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Disaster never strikes when it’s convenient. It’s one thing if the lights go out when you’re home alone or with your family, but what if the lights go out when you have guests? If you’ve been planning a get together for months, it may not be possible to reschedule when the power goes out– especially if some guests are coming from out of …

What To Do in a Power Outage

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Brief electrical blackouts are not a problem, but occasionally there is a power outage for a length of time due to a severe thunderstorm or other disaster. That is of great concern, especially when it comes to determining the safety of food and water after such a power outage has been corrected. Be Prepared for an Emergency Ahead of time, …