Large Loss - flooding in bathroom

Things To Know: Water Damage and Insurance

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

If your home has received water damage, it’s always helpful to have some knowledge under your belt when it comes to dealing with water damage and your insurance company. Knowing exactly what is covered and how to get the help you need will prevent delays, and lessen your time frame as well as stress level when dealing with an insurance claim. Here are …

Have You Met your CE Course Requirements for 2017?

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Fulfilling the state requirement of 30 continuing education credits every two years can sometimes be challenging for insurance professionals. Squeezing in a three-credit continuing education class while working full-time previously meant long drives to distant hotel conference facilities. At PuroClean’s operations center in Frisco, Texas, insurance professionals can tap into industry expertise conveniently and locally. To date, PuroClean McKinney Frisco …

Freedom! (From Summer Mold and Mildew)

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

It’s always a relief when winter is behind us and we can start planning for our spring and summer activities. But one activity we all want to avoid is managing summer mold and mildew—a disadvantage of our hot and humid north Texas summers. There are some proactive measures you can take in order to cross mold and mildew cleanup off your list …

mildew on tile

How to Remove Mildew from Household Items

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

If you’ve experienced major or minor flooding or you have a problem with humidity in your home, you’ve probably noticed an unwanted result: MILDEW. It’s black, disgusting and stains fabrics. Left unchecked, mildew can ruin possessions, cause damage to the structure and integrity of your home, and even create health issues. Fortunately, tips on how to remove mildew aren’t trade …

PuroClean Certified by Best Pick Reports for 2015

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PuroClean Restoration Specialists has been certified by Best Pick Reports for 2015, achieving their fifth consecutive year as a best pick. “PuroClean is honored to have been chosen as a Best Pick again for 2015,” states Jim Bauer, owner of PuroClean. “We enjoy helping our clients overcome the setbacks caused by water, smoke, fire, and mold. We treat their homes …

Flooded House

How to Clean Floors and Rugs After a Flood

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

A flood can cause very serious water damage to your home. Whether the flood was caused by severe weather, a burst pipe, or a broken appliance, the results can be destructive. The best chance that you have to restore your home to its original state is to get the floors clean and dry, quickly. How you should go about cleaning …

Home Safety Evaluation

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

Your life happens in your home. It is where you go to when you want to get away from the world for a little while. It is the place you invite friends for celebrations, the place you bring your new baby when you leave the hospital. You sleep there, keep all of your things there—especially your important things like old …

Emergency Drying Tips for Documents with Water Damage

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

If important documents or books somehow get wet, there’s no need to throw them away. There are actually several different methods you can try that will help minimize the water damage to your documents. Some of these methods you can do on your own, but with some you might need the help of a property restoration company. Removing Mud and Soot If there is mud or soot …