Emergency Restoration - Laundry Room Remodel with Washer and Dryer

How To Clean your Washer and Dryer

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

When’s the last time your to-do list included a reminder to clean your washer and dryer? These two standard household appliances get a lot of use, yet are often overlooked when it comes to regular upkeep. Each has its specific maintenance requirements that will prevent issues like washer leaks and dryer fires. Some of what’s needed to clean your washer and …

mildew on tile

How to Remove Mildew from Household Items

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

If you’ve experienced major or minor flooding or you have a problem with humidity in your home, you’ve probably noticed an unwanted result: MILDEW. It’s black, disgusting and stains fabrics. Left unchecked, mildew can ruin possessions, cause damage to the structure and integrity of your home, and even create health issues. Fortunately, tips on how to remove mildew aren’t trade …

House Fire

Give Your Home a Home Safety Assessment

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

Your home is your castle but it may not be the fortress you thought it was. Statistically, the home is where things are most likely to go wrong. From kitchen fires to malfunctioning sprinklers, anything can happen unless you take some time and give your house a home safety assessment. Exterior Hazards Take a walk around the exterior of your …