Does My Insurance Agent Need an Estimate Before A Restoration Contractor Starts Work?

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Accidental Damage and Insurance Company Quotes   With a lot of accidental damage sustained from a water leakage or fire outbreak, our clients are concerned about the kinds of costs involved with professional restoration of their premises and goods. Most clients are seeking to recover this cost from their insurance companies. A question we’ve often been faced with is with regards …

Who Pays For Emergency Restoration Services?

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Payment for Emergency Restoration Services This is a question that plagues many of our clients seeking emergency restoration services. We are almost always called after some type of sudden, accidental incident that damages someone’s home or business. This might be a fire of some type or maybe a water heater failed and there is water damage. It is undeniable that …

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Why is Structural Drying Important in Your Home or Business?

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What Is a Typical Progression of Work for Structural Drying? When it comes to structural drying, every water damage project is the same in some areas and is different in others. In our last article we attempted to explain, in general terms, what structural drying means. Structural drying mainly refers to drying out the building materials that have absorbed the …

Do You Know How to Turn Off Each Utility at Your Home?

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Tips About Utility Shut Off Valves What Would We do Without our Utility Providers? Utility Providers…what would we do without them? Today our lifestyles include little thought or worry over whether we will have electricity or gas or water when we need it. It’s always just there, working away.