Frozen Pipes - Water damaged kitchen wall under renovation

Tips for Restoring Utilities After a Flood

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If you get advance warning about potential floodwaters near your home, take the opportunity prepare. Turn off utilities, such as your gas or electric service, as soon as you can. This step will lessen the risk of shock, electrocution, or a possible house fire. When it’s time to get your utilities up and running after you’ve had water damage, it’s …

flood cleanup supply checklist

Flood Cleanup Supply Checklist

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Home flooding–whether due to damaged pipes, appliance malfunctions or severe weather storms–requires a quick and immediate response. Cleaning up as soon as possible will help prevent further damage to the home, appliances, and personal belongings. While you can’t always anticipate a flood or prevent damage, you can help minimize costly repairs by preparing ahead of time. Floods don’t always occur during …

Flood-Proofing Your Home

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Statistics show that your home is more likely to incur damage from a flood than from a fire. In fact, floods are the leading natural disaster in the United States. From 2010 to 2014 the average insurance claim for flood damage exceeded $40,000. These numbers prove that any steps you can take toward effectively flood-proofing your home may pay off substantially if …

Frozen Pipes - water damage in wall of home

Water Damage and Electrical Safety

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After your property has suffered water damage from any source, the first impulse is always to get inside and evaluate the extent of loss ASAP. Are the walls or ceilings waterlogged? Have expensive home electronics been ruined? Were family heirlooms affected? Before you resolve any of these issues, however, ask yourself a more important question: Is it safe to go inside?

Restoring Your Utilities After a Flood

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After flood damage affects your home, your to-do list is bound to be long and urgent. Before taking any steps, however, make sure to put the safety of you and your family at the top of that list. When potential hazards have been cleared, one of the next priorities is to get the utilities up and running safely. It may be impossible to …

Flooded House

How to Clean Floors and Rugs After a Flood

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A flood can cause very serious water damage to your home. Whether the flood was caused by severe weather, a burst pipe, or a broken appliance, the results can be destructive. The best chance that you have to restore your home to its original state is to get the floors clean and dry, quickly. How you should go about cleaning …

What to Save and Get Rid Of After a Flood

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Flooding affects many households each year and takes a great toll on property. Handling water damage from burst pipes or a leaking roof is a challenge. However, floodwater–which is contaminated with silt, chemicals, and raw sewage–is more challenging and fewer items may be salvaged. Understanding which items you can keep and which ones you should throw away after a flood saves you wasted …

Emergency Cleanup and Repair: Who does What?

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While preparing your home for a natural disaster is the best way to be prepared, as a homeowner, you know that’s not always a possibility. Whether you’ve experienced flooding or fire damage, you need to know what steps to take. It’s also important for you to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. This means there are some things you need …