Are There ” Contents ” Items That You Can’t Help With?

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Are Other Experts Needed with Certain Types of Contents Items? When it comes to dealing with certain types of contents at a fire or water damage site, our professionals understand that they are sometimes limited in their abilities and operational constraints. What we mean by this is better explained below.

Are All Restoration Contractors Able to Help With Insurance Coverage?

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

Homeowner’s Insurance – Will It Fix Everything? After fire or water damage, homeowners may worry about getting the home back in order. Only trained and experienced restoration contractors understand what your homeowner’s insurance policy will typically cover and can help you receive everything you should. It’s why we have insurance in the first place. Unfortunately, many homeowner’s really don’t understand …

Large Loss Projects Explained

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Large Loss Examples When is Damage Considered a “Large Loss”? Almost any type of water damage can result in a lot of destruction, called a “Large Loss” situation. Just a few inches of water can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Many times when we are called to a site that has had water damage, it’s too late to …

Continuing Education – For Insurance Professionals or Homeowners?

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What is Continuing Education and… What Does It Mean in the Insurance Industry? Why is it important to you as a Homeowner? Many homeowners know they must carry insurance to protect their property and the mortgage company’s interest in it, but may not be sure why it’s so important or even trust the insurance industry as a whole. Most people …