Storm Survival Kit 101

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

If you live in Texas, you understand that spring means storm and tornado season. You also understand the dangers that this poses to your home and the importance of taking all possible precautions against flooding and fire. Being ready for any severe storms or tornadoes that may come your way must also be a part of your plan. Some of …

emergency evacuation plan

Creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Creating an emergency evacuation plan ensures that you and your family will be ready in the event that disaster strikes. Household evacuations are more common than most people realize. Each year hundreds of people are forced to leave their homes rapidly because of disasters, such as: Floods Fires Hurricanes Earthquakes Industrial accidents The more that you can do to prepare …

Emergency Preparedness: How To Prepare your Children

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Happiness, security, and bonding are what most parents want for their children. But empowering them with knowledge of emergency preparedness is also especially important. Parents talk and teach their children about so many things in life. Having a plan in place for an emergency is not only smart, but allows your children to build their self-esteem as they learn and are …