Restoration Contractors & Insurance Are These Words Opposites? Part II

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What if My Insurance Company Disagrees?

InsuranceWhat if the Insurance Adjuster says They’re Not Going to Cover the Damage?

Is that just the way it is, or who goes and explains to the insurance carrier why you did something?

When a catastrophic event occurs in your home it’s a big deal. We have been in many of these situations and although we see it over and over, it’s usually devestating to the homeowner involved.

We understand that and certainly don’t wish these conditions on anyone.

Proper Documentation

Fortunately we work in situations like this every day, and we get to know the insurance companies, and what their preferences and their tendencies are. In many cases, we know the local field adjusters as well. This comes from doing hundreds of jobs like this in the course of a year. After that much work, we develop an instinct for what is needed.

We have the paperwork they expect…and we know exactly how to cross our T’s and dot our I’s.

We have also learned to tell our story of the destruction with pictures. We use special logs that consistently document where and when moisture readings and humidity levels are taken in your home. We’ve also developed equipment usage logs. All of this information helps communicate the problem areas we find as well as our efforts to remediate the actual problems or damage we discover that may not even visible.

This information is critical to the decision-making efforts of the insurance companies; they know what we did and better understand why we did it. In addition, we understand when we should call the carrier or adjuster and ask them for their opinion or approval. We are generally able to get those answers very quickly and fortunately situations like that are rare.

Expertise and Communication

When they do occur, it’s important for the homeowner to remember that we work and represent the homeowner to your insurance company. Because we have experience and credibility built over time, it is seldom that it becomes adversarial or a confrontational relationship with your insurance company. It is important to remember that an insurance carrier’s responsibility is to restore your home to pre-loss condition. Our representation of your interests is critical since we can understand and communicate with the language and terminology used in the insurance industry.

If there is Disagreement with the Insurance Carrier,
will they ever change their Mind?

We are experts as emergency responders and deal with this type of damage every day and respectively, in many cases insurance adjusters are dealing with other areas or types of property damage simultaneously. They are many times dealing with roofs, trees that haven fallen on cars, or possibly fire damage, etc. In some instances, they may also be working for more than one carrier and differing policies at the same time. We are specialists in what we do everyday and often we may be able to help them understand or clarify a specific carrier’s policy or the standard of care that together we should be providing.

Teaching in the Insurance Industry

InsuranceIn fact, we are an accredited provider or teacher for insurance professionals about the areas of our expertise. We provide the teaching of several of their CE or Continuing Education courses that are required in order to keep their insurance licenses current. These courses are intended to provide a better understanding of policy interpretation issues and different capabilities, as well as updates on different techniques and new equipment available with some professional restoration companies. This also helps you as the homeowner since we are consistently updated on thought processes and current interpretations of specific policy sections of various insurance carriers. We are then in a position to be aware of these issues or changes and that helps us better protect you, our customer, when there are differences of opinion or interpretation.

Professional Restoration Contractors

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