Restoration Contractors & Insurance Are These Words Opposites? Part I

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Restoration Contractors – Working with Insurance Companies

Restoration ContractorsEmergency Repairs or Mitigation – How does this Work with Insurance Companies?

Most homeowners’ insurance policies are similar in some ways and different in others, but a very common phrase included in most insurance policies is that the property owner is required to take timely and appropriate action to mitigate their loss. Simply put, that is taking steps early on when you first discover that water damage has occurred. Restoration contractors help homeowners everyday with these emergency clean up and temporary repair services.

Examples of this action might be like quickly moving things out of harm’s way, trying to take some action to extract some water or move some water off the surface. It also would include calling professional restoration contractors like Puroclean. We can come out and we’ve got a clear understanding of the expectations of your insurance company and what is considered “best practices” on how to protect your home. There are so many different things that need to happen quickly when your home has suffered a catastrophic loss and professional restoration contractors have the experience to do it all.

We sometimes describe it as directing a circus. There are so many things that must take place at the same time. If we were to try to anticipate or prepare an estimate or a proposal based on everything that might occur, it would take too much time. We would be missing the opportunity to get started quicker and even more damage would occur. The insurance industry understands this, so the insurance industry and the restoration industry use an estimating system called Xactimate. Experienced, trained personnel and access to all the necessary equipment is critical at this time.

Not Calling Professional Restoration Contractors may Cost the Homeowner Money!Restoration Contractors

Sometimes a homeowner may not realize that they are costing themselves money because of additional damages to property that insurance will not cover because they can’t physically get to all the tasks as quickly as they should.

How are the Costs Recovered Later?

Xactimate is a comprehensive estimating tool that has been developed hand in hand with the insurance industry and costs are updated periodically to reflect market conditions that affect labor and materials. This estimating system contemplates and compiles lists all of the tasks, all of the work and all of the equipment that are typically used by restoration companies in certain conditions. Because the system is comprehensive, it helps bring order out of what otherwise could be chaotic and helps our clients be assured that everyone is taking timely and appropriate action to lessen the overall costs of the loss.

A book published by the insurance industry sanctioning body is called the IICRC. The practices and procedures are accepted by both the insurance industry and the restoration industry as the best standard of care, the best practice that are to be followed. We abide by that, as do many restoration contractors, and it anticipates most of the situations that we will probably encounter. In conjunction with the Xactimate estimating system, it enables us to get started very quickly and be paid fairly for the emergency services we provide.

We know the areas that if it’s outside the normal response, or such a unique situation that we will need to call your insurance company. We know when to do that, to check in with them and let them know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

It protects the homeowner as well as the insurance carrier. Remember that it’s important to be able to fully trust your restoration contractors as they will look to you as the homeowner to pay them if the insurance carrier decides that a procedure or cost is not in line or the restoration contractor doesn’t have the correct backup needed for that expense.

In our next installment we’ll discuss the question, “What happens if my Insurance Carrier Disagrees?”

Professional Restoration Contractors

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