Why Do I Need a Restoration Contractor

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We’ve been asked several times, “Why is a professional restoration contractor needed after someone has experienced water damage?” It seems like so many of our clients have a friend or know someone that has had water damage occur.

It might be someone they work with or someone from their church…and almost every homeowner knows a plumber (or two).

The Difference

In fact, a plumber may have been at the property doing some repairs. Now there’s a mess to clean up and he’s saying that it wasn’t his fault.

The difference or distinction between helpful friends or family and a true water damage or professional restoration contractor is significant.

Every time one of our team leader enters a home, he has a briefcase full of meters and tools worth several thousands of dollars. These are the tools we use to identify and map exactly where the water has gone and how extensive the damage is. Even well-intentioned friends, plumbers or even most contractors just do not have the diagnostic tools that we do. With the tools and the training that our technicians have at their disposal, we can help people understand the severity of the damage and then help them make the right decisions necessary to protect their interest, their investment, their property, and their home.

What Happens Too Often

Unfortunately we see instances where a homeowner took well-intentioned advice from other types of contracting or construction personnel. They may say, “You just need to vacuum it out.”, “Put a fan on it for a couple of days.” or even, “Just pull the carpet back and it’ll dry out fine.”

Depending on the sheer volume of water, where the damage occurred and how hard it may be to get to hidden areas or inside walls, this kind of advice minimizes what could be a much more serious situation…and they are usually doing it without all the critical information. We know how important it is to quantify and have actual moisture readings, rather than work from a gut-feeling.

Emergency Clean Up and Restoration Services

On every truck, we have a team leader who is IICRC industry certified to find and deal with water damage. Some of our professionals have a higher level of certification in “Applied Structural Drying” which requires even more classroom time and testing before they can achieve that level.

In addition, all of our teams are also trained in a state-mandated course to become licensed as mold workers. This mold certification is valuable and extremely helpful in their role as water damage restorers. Some of the specifics of the course includes learning how to determine where and how water finds areas that we may not think of. It also focuses on the types of damage that occurs due to mold and how it must be properly remediated. The training is required and makes each of them valuable to homeowners that are concerned about protecting their property and investment in that home.

We are proud as a restoration contractor to have a solid team of professionals that specialize in water damage or fire damage clean up and mold remediation. Our professional restoration contractor team will arrive in a company van/truck(s) that is clearly marked. Each of the technicians have completed an application process that includes background checks and training. Our team will also be wearing company clothing and name tags. These personnel are truly ready to go to work the moment they hit the ground.

Experienced Professional Restoration

restoration contractorIf you have experienced water damage and now need water extraction, mold or mildew remediation, we recommend that you contact restoration contractor professionals such as PuroClean Restoration Specialists. When it’s an interior leak, with timely contact, quick response and professional structural drying, we can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets and most contents! We have the instruments and capability to measure the moisture content inside walls, of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard. We are a professional restoration contractor that offers all conceivable water damage and emergency clean up services, as well as comprehensive mold or mildew removal, including carpet cleaning and restoration.

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