Removal of Water in a Home

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How Important is Quick Reaction When You Have Water Damage ?

If you have lived in northeast Texas for very long, you are certainly aware of the risks of flash floods in some low lying areas and how severe they can be.  While most flooding occurs in the spring, our geographic location does not necessarily discriminate between the seasons when it comes to heavy rains.

When water damage occurs, removal of water from your home demands immediate attention.

Emergency Water Removal

Aside from the damage to furniture and electronics, the presence of unwanted water in your home can lead to permanent structural damage. The signs you may see include discoloration of flooring and walls, but it quickly becomes perfect growth conditions for mold and mildew.

The removal of water in your home needs to be conducted as soon as possible to reduce long term structural issues and to keep the air in your home safe.  The more time any item or fixture is saturated, the more difficult it becomes to save and restore.  As soon as you notice water damage in your home, it’s best to contact a professional to have it evaluated and obtain recommendations for restoration.

Different Methods for Different Materials

removal-of-waterThe process for removal of water in a home varies depending on how much water is present as well as the location.  Removal of water in carpet will require a different technique than removing water from hardwood floors and behind walls.

Standing water is always pumped out to a safe location, but removing water from saturated flooring and structural components requires a different technique.  Getting the moisture out of a saturated floor or wall studs generally requires highly efficient dehumidifiers along with high capacity air movers that create a drying chamber.

Thermal scanners can be useful for many jobs.  This allows tracing of moisture trails without demolition before water removal. These are important as a guide as we develop a complete plan of action to remove all traces of water.

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