PuroClean’s New Facility Expands Capabilities for Fire and Water Damage Restoration

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Location One - 02 Exterior Crew-18-EditAfter nearly 20 years helping local companies and families with water damage restoration in their businesses and homes, PuroClean Restoration Specialists now provides even better service from our new facility. In striving to provide fast, compassionate service to our McKinney and Frisco neighbors, our new operations center expands our fire, smoke, mold, or water damage restoration capabilities, helping us to help you.

The New Facility

For the first time in our company’s proud history, we have a facility designed and constructed for our unique operations. The 8,500-square-foot building provides distinct areas for each aspect of our work in rescuing your personal property and remediating damage to your home.

Our new site has plenty of office space, of course, plus a few unusual features:

  • Contents cleaning areas
  • Dedicated deodorization and drying chamber
  • Household materials storage
  • Locker room
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Warehouse space to store precious possessions

Contents Cleaning

When PuroClean Restoration Specialists begins a water damage restoration job, we conduct a packout. We take everything, but do not worry—we bring it back! We remove the contents of your water-damaged home. If water, fire or smoke has damaged it, we take it: furniture, possessions, curtains, bedclothes, and even Dad’s favorite bowling shirt. Using our triple sinks, heavy duty dishwashers, heavy duty clothes washers and clothes dryers, we carefully take your belongings through water damage restoration, clean and deodorize them, and then label and store them for safe return.

Dedicated Deodorization and Drying Chamber

We can quickly and professionally complete water damage restoration using ozone or hydroxyl, safely contained in our specially designed chamber. Odors caused by mold and mildew practically disappear when subjected to our technologically advanced deodorization and drying chamber.

Household Materials Storage

When we say PuroClean takes everything in your home or business during a packout, we mean everything: we take baseboards, door casings, doors, and cabinets. We perform water damage restoration and then store them in our household materials storage loft, ready for return once renovation is complete. Storing your building materials on-site streamlines delivery, speeding up our work in putting your property—and lives—back together.

Locker Room

Our dedicated water damage restoration professionals, ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are very happy to have a full locker room with shower facilities. We take pride in the cleanliness of our crews, but more important, they are glad to have a place to fully prepare before answering your call for their services.

Multi-Purpose Room

PuroClean Restoration Specialists takes pride in being involved in our Frisco and McKinney communities. Using our new multi-purpose room, we look forward to offering continuing education classes for local insurance professionals interested in learning more about smoke and water damage restoration.


In some ways our work mirrors a moving company, with the same need for storage of furniture, rugs, and other items. We have enough warehouse space to securely store your home’s or business’ belongings until renovations are complete. You have no need to worry about something further happening to a treasured crib or antique rolltop desk, knowing they are safely held in our own warehouse.

This brief tour of our new facility should give you some assurance that we are well positioned to provide your home or business with even faster and better fire, smoke, mold, or water damage restoration.

We at PuroClean Restoration Specialists have always worked to protect and restore not just your possessions, but your lives, recognizing the deep trauma that comes from flooding, fire, or other damage. Our new purpose-built facility helps us to better answer the call, day or night, whenever you need us!

If you have experienced damage from fire and smoke, water, or mold, PuroClean is at the ready to take care of your property restoration. You can click here to fill out an online service request, or for emergencies reach us immediately at 469-656-7000, no matter the time of day.