Power Outage Party Tips: What To Do When the Power Goes Out

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Lightning strike in a dark local neighborhood during a power outage and star field background

Disaster never strikes when it’s convenient. It’s one thing if the lights go out when you’re home alone or with your family, but what if the lights go out when you have guests? If you’ve been planning a get together for months, it may not be possible to reschedule when the power goes out– especially if some guests are coming from out of town. If you know that you’re scheduling your party during tornado season or if the local forecast is calling for heavy rain, as a host, you would do well to have some preparations on hand to keep the party going. Here are some suggestions to ensure that everyone has a good time even when the power goes out.

  • Stay Positive – Etiquette states that guests should take their cues from their host. This will happen naturally anyway. If the unexpected happens and you keep things light, you’re conveying calm and confidence to your guests which will help them stay positive.
  • Light Up The Night – If it’s cold out and you have a wood burning fireplace, light it up! You may be surprised how people gravitate toward it. It’s also a great place to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. Bring on the s’mores!Also, break out the candles. Keep them high and out of the way– especially if there are kids around. Remember not to leave candles in rooms unattended.
  • Turn Up The Tunes – Music will lighten everyone’s mood so have a battery powered radio or make sure your smart phone is charged up and ready to play your favorite songs.
  • Feed Your Guests – There are plenty of finger foods you can have prepared for your guests that won’t require heating or cooling. If you do want to serve something warm, get some canned heat like the kind used by caterers. Drinks can be kept on ice so that the refrigerator doesn’t have to be continually opened. And, of course, have disposable cups, plates and silverware.
  • Entertain Old School – Before the world was taken over by electronic devices, people still found plenty of ways to entertain themselves. Break out some of the old school board and party games like Monopoly, Jenga, and Twister.
  • Flashlights Can Be Fun, Too – Not only can flashlights serve as additional lighting, but they are great for games, too. They can be used for shadow puppets, spotlights for charades, light sabers, and flashlight tag.
  • Keep Guests Updated – Guests may need to know about the weather and conditions outside if they have to make arrangements to get home. It’s helpful to have a radio or phone charged, ready, and set for traffic and weather updates.

If you’re prepared when the power goes out, your party won’t have to end in disaster–even if there is a disaster going on outside. Keeping your head, keeping things light, and seeing the turn of events as an adventure rather than a problem can not only ensure that your guests have a good time, but for them it may even be a night to remember.

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