Who Pays For Emergency Restoration Services?

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Payment for Emergency Restoration Services

emergency-restoration-servicesThis is a question that plagues many of our clients seeking emergency restoration services. We are almost always called after some type of sudden, accidental incident that damages someone’s home or business. This might be a fire of some type or maybe a water heater failed and there is water damage. It is undeniable that emergency restoration services are not cheap in most people’s eyes.

Can I Do the Emergency Cleanup Myself?

The alternative is to try to do something about the damage yourself. Do you have the manpower or the professional grade equipment that it takes to do this right? If you miss part of the damage or fail to really remove all the smoke odor or dry the structure out completely, you will probably end up with a more costly bill in the future to remove mold or mildew.

The trained emergency team and state-of-the-art equipment begins to look a lot more reasonable…and the quicker you get an experienced professional restoration team involved, the more quickly you can truly get back to your life.

But the question is still there, is it the homeowner who will need to pick up the cost for the emergency response team or the insurance provider?

Why Do We Buy Homeowners Insurance?

The answer is simple.

We buy a Homeowner Insurance Policy to protect us from accidents. An accident is unexpected and sudden…like a water heater or a plumbing pipe breaking or an accidental fire from your kitchen range. As stated in the first paragraph above…”We are almost always called after some type of sudden, accidental incident that damages someone’s home or business.”

If it’s an accident of almost any type, and you have a professional emergency restoration services team go to work it is almost always a covered claim. However, your insurance provider has certain expectations and regulations that they must also use when studying a proposed claim, and if things are not in order, then there could be a basis for a claim to be denied.

We work with every major insurance carrier in the North Texas area.

How Does All This Work Then?

Here’s a brief overview of how our emergency restoration services work. When we arrive and do our initial scope of the damage, we are also preparing an estimate and have a reasonable expectation of what it’s going to entail to deal with the property damage.  We include any fire, smoke or water damage. The work is tailored, of course, for the individual client. This means that you will be issued a service authorization contract to sign. However, the payment details will almost always be dealt with between us and your insurance company. This has been the standard arrangement for quite some time.

Our professional emergency restoration services team is well equipped to deal with the nuances of your insurance policy, and will document the damage and the work involved. This will allow you to submit an accurate description and help you get the proper amount of coverage.

At the same time, it is important that you, as a client, realize that PuroClean is the emergency restoration services company for damage repair. We can not do the job of an insurance adjustor or commit to making any kind of decision on or about your claim. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get the refund from the insurance company for any services you paid for. When this is an emergency  situation that includes cleanup and damage repair services from an accidental cause, this isn’t usually hard to do.

If your home has fire or water damage and needs emergency restoration services from a professional, call PuroClean Restoration Specialists at 469-656-7000.