Mold Assessment and Remediation – What’s That?

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Mold Assessment Consultant is Needed…
When Water Damage Isn’t Properly Addressed Early

What is a Mold Assessment Consultant?

Restoration contractors do the cleanup, but on a larger and more complicated situation where serious health conditions might be involved (as discussed last week), we will recommend the involvement of a mold assessment consultant. These are professionals who are trained in more serious conditions and are licensed by the state in air sampling and testing.

Mold Assessment

When it’s needed, it is usually fairly straightforward. It involves a very thorough inspection and a detailed plan of action. These inspections are sometimes necessary if excessive amounts of mold and/or spores are present or possibly be a clear reason or defined source of a problem is not apparent.

Under special circumstances such as these, a mold assessment consultant will likely take outdoor air samples as well. The results of these samples become a “comparative baseline” needed for the specific interior testing. Your indoor air quality should be equal to or better than the outdoor air quality.

A mold assessment consultant is looking for abnormal results that might indicate a hidden condition or a mold situation that could be a cause or source of severe health problems. Many times this will involve going inside wall cavities, under cabinets or under walls to obtain specific air samples. The mold assessment consultant must also use extreme caution in their testing procedures to prevent false “hits” due to improper actions. Best practice is to involve a third-party, licensed professional laboratory as well.

The samples are obtained, isolated and documented. This also insures that there is a medical-like chain of custody of the whole mold remediation and mold assessment process. This is all carefully designed to protect the consumer and property owners within Texas.

What is the Reason for, or the Importance of a Chain of Custody?

Each and every sample taken is carefully labeled. This is critical as it will provide information and facts that will help lead to finding the area(s) of problem(s), possible contamination and how severe the conditions are.

For instance, if the root cause was suspected to be in a crawl space or in an attic; then that room would be tested, usually in several locations and carefully labeled. Tests just outside the suspect area may also be tested as well and labeled. If it included surface testing or involved a visual part of a wall or a piece of trim material or a cabinet, this is all documented and logged. This is also where the outside air samples are critical as they analyze what the normal conditions are in comparison to the possible contaminated areas.

The goal is to create an assurance that these tests are organized, systematic, and that everything is carefully labeled by room, by location, and there is no chance of confusion or conflicting information. All samples are carefully numbered and then tested at the laboratory. The results are compiled at the same laboratory to maintain that impartiality and confidence of the information provided through the testing.

These specialists are extremely cautious to properly document specific location information and are careful that they do not cross-contaminate samples with another property they might have visited earlier or possibly will visit later in the day.

Fortunately, most situations do not require these measures if we are called early enough to extract the water and truly get the home properly dried out.

It’s unfortunate however that some people believe that they can do it as well. Then when additional moisture is found later, it is very likely that mold or mildew will also be present, and in health risk situations it is best to make very certain that all the problems are located and properly cleaned up.

Experienced Professional Restoration

If you have experienced water damage and now need water extraction, mold or mildew remediation, or even mold assessment, we recommend that you contact professionals like PuroClean Restoration Specialists.

As the recent video below indicates, PuroClean is also a recognized professional contractor that is certified to teach agents and adjustors in the insurance industry. The experienced professionals of PuroClean Restoration Specialists host and teach several in-depth courses to help the industry 1) recognize inherent problems and timeliness needed, and 2) better understand necessary (and required) methods of remediation to protect the homeowners and their families from potentially serious health consequences.

When it’s an interior leak, with timely contact, quick response and professional structural drying, we can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets and most contents! We will measure the moisture content of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard.

We offer carpet cleaning and restoration services of all types including comprehensive mold or mildew removal and independent mold assessment, as well as emergency water removal services.

To learn more about how we can help you visit us online or call us at 469-656-7000!

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