How Long Will My Water Damage Repair Take to Complete?

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water damage to ceiling sheetrock and insulation photoRegardless of the type of water damage your home may have received, it will create an unsettling time for your family. Foremost in your mind is the nagging question of how long it is going to take to perform water damage repair and get your lives back to normal. One thing to keep in mind is that every case has its own unique circumstances. In some cases, you may think the damage looks worse than it actually is, or you may not even realize the extent of the damage until it is revealed by a professional.

What matters most when dealing with water damage repair is that the faster you act to get damage repair started, the more it will reduce the amount of additional damage that may occur. This secondary damage can extend the length of time needed to make repairs and increase the cost significantly. Depending upon your individual situation, it may take anywhere from 2-14 days, and 80 percent of jobs done by PuroClean are completed within three to six days.

Variables That Should Be Considered

The longer the water has been sitting in your home, the more extensive the water damage repair may become. A leak that has been undetected within a wall or running in a crawl space for a long period of time may cause more damage than a quick one-time event.

The first step in water damage repair is to dry out your home, which is dependent upon several factors:

  • How much water was involved?
  • Was the water a result of a longtime undetected leak?
  • How much time elapsed before water was extracted?
  • Where did the water enter your home?
  • What type of building materials are involved and are they accessible?

Saturated Building Materials

Some building materials dry out faster than others depending on how hydroscopic or “water loving” the materials are. The more saturated these materials are, the longer the drying out time will be. Furthermore, the problem is compounded further if these building materials are not easily accessible. Water damage repair in this type of situation will require additional time allowed for more extensive methods of water extraction.

Reaching water in inaccessible areas requires the need for additional dehumidification and air movement equipment in order to accelerate the drying processes. The main objective is to remove the moisture out of the building materials as quacking as possible. The affected areas will also need to be continually monitored for humidity level changes to ensure proper progress during the process and for a period afterwards.

If your home needs water damage repair, there is no time to waste. You need help from professionals who are experienced in water damage repair.

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