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Large Loss Examples

When is Damage Considered a “Large Loss”?

Almost any type of water damage can result in a lot of destruction, called a “Large Loss” situation. Just a few inches of water can do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Many times when we are called to a site that has had water damage, it’s too late to do much except get started cleaning up. We are experts in restoration services and we are called to come for all sizes of projects.

There are some “Large Loss” projects that require us to bring in several crews and additional equipment from other trucks.

What Constitutes a “Large Loss” Project?

As we indicated in our last article, “Large Loss – What Does that Mean?”, when it’s a single-family home structure, then a dollar amount of say $50,000.00 is fairly consistent to use. However, each insurance carrier underwrites losses a little differently, and we find that this number is somewhat arbitrary between carriers.

A “Large Loss’’ project may be categorized by one or more of several different factors…

  • cost to restore use of structure to a “Like New” condition,
  • the sheer size of a facility, or
  • even the specific use of a facility, such as the ‘final assembly’ of a product or robotics in manufacturing or assembly, etc.

While there is no structure or facility that is 100% “safe” from damage, some are definitely more of a challenge and time-consuming (man-power) to resolve.

Large loss

A Recent Large Loss Project

Damage that can be classified as a large loss due to fire damage or water leaks might include facility damage to a manufacturing plant, or a flood moving quickly through a restaurant. No commercial building or home is safe from large loss damages, which is why we are prepared and are able to clean up these types of damages as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That may require working in a space or facility after-hours and having it ready to open each day as scheduled for business.

As an experienced professional team we have, at times, been able to perform emergency clean up and repairs immediately after damage and then complete repairs to the “Like New” condition while the business remained operational.

Other Examples of Large Loss Projects

A recent example of a large loss we were called in for was a large daycare facility that flooded over the entire 20,000 square feet. The facility damage was significant and required a lot of emergency cleanup and extensive effort to coordinate the needed repairs.

Another example of a large loss was a manufacturing facility located adjacent to another business where a water leak and damage ocurred. The leak in the dog training facility went right into the manufacturing facility. One of the areas of this manufacturing facility was a “Clean Room” for eletronic component assembly. The water damage contaminated the once clean facility, and special steps were required to remedy that situation and re-certify the area during the restoration project.

In addition, on the other side of the dog training business, a storage warehouse used for bicycles and bicycle parts was flooded. During our clean up and restoration of the storage warehouse, there were boxes stacked nearly thirty feet high. What seemed like a fairly easy to clean water leak problem ended up being a very large cost to the insurance carrier. It certainly qualified as a large loss.

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