Large Loss – What Does That Mean?

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How Would a Large Loss Be Identified?

Does an Insurance Company Treat a Large Loss Disaster Differently?

These are all great questions, and as a large loss can be categorized in several different ways, there are several answers. You can look at it by dollar volume, by the size of the affected space or perhaps by the complexity of the loss. Even the size of the overall disaster can result in most all damage in an area being categorized as a large loss.One approach that we’re always aware of is that when property damage has occurred in your home or business, it’s always a large loss to you, so every project we work on is a big deal, and we treat it that way.

Single Structure Loss

  • For definition purposes, we often use $50,000 as a break point of what really constitutes a large loss for a single structure or home.
  • It could also be the number of floors of a multi-story building affected, two or three floors are affected, or
  • The size of the facility and square footage is such that it would constitute and be defined as a large loss.

 Weather Disaster

A real weather disaster that has destroyed  multiple homes, communities or even sometimes most of a section of a town or city is fairly easy to understand as a large loss. Some of the more memorable hurricanes and tornados recently have resulted in Billions upon Billions of dollar damage:

  • Tornado – Moore, OK
  • Hurricane Sandy – New Jersey and New York coastlines
  • Tornado – Joplin, MO
  • Tornados – Alabama, Georgia, South & North Carolinas, Tennessee
  • Hurricane Katrina – Alabama, Louisiana, Texas
  • and so, so many more…

Large lossThis type of damage is almost always considered as a large loss and certainly requires a massive large loss type response from all involved. Many organizations and companies must pull together to first triage the area(s) affected the worst and offer help in many ways. Just as property insurance carriers have “Catastrophe Teams”, our organization does as well.

We have large tractor-trailer rigs that are fitted out with supplies and equipment, as well as emergency communication equipment on board to move toward and be “at the ready” to move in and help as soon as possible. PuroClean Restoration is a national company with presence in most metropolitan areas and understand the importance of assisting in every way possible to help a community or city back on it’s feet so they can provide needed services to it’s residents and businesses.

Professional Restoration Contractors

Puroclean Restoration Services in Frisco TX is the experienced professional restoration contractor that a stressed-out homeowner should call first when disaster strikes their home. Puroclean has all the equipment and trained personnel needed from mitigation and emergency clean up of fire or water damage or mold damage to getting your home completely dried out…restored and back like it was.

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Make an appointment before you need help. Be informed and get to know your restoration contractors like Puroclean Restoration before you have storm damage, or even a large loss that might endanger you or your family.

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