Will the Restoration Contractors Team Know What to Do?

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

Do You Hope That the Restoration Contractor
Team Will Know What to Do?

restoration-professionals-Dallas-TXWe don’t believe that it’s a time for hope…it’s time for experience and action!

Your home’s a mess, water seeping out of every nook and cranny, and you really need the work of restoration professionals right now!

But, will the people sent out by your restoration contractor be experienced enough to know exactly how to deal with your property’s situation? Or will you just be wasting your time and effort trying to give them directions of what to do instead?

What Should You Expect?

When you hire fire and water restoration professionals, it’s perfectly understandable that you expect the highest level of experience, knowledge, and courtesy to be demonstrated by the people sent by a restoration company.

While not all companies will send out the right people, the teams at PuroClean Restoration Specialists are trained, experienced and reliable. Each team member is handpicked. Everyone from the team leaders to the helpers have received training consistent with their reponsibilities. Most of the team members will also possess several different training certifications and plenty of experience handling difficult emergency restoration work.

Training and Experience

Competency tests have been passed, on-the-job training completed, and on- or off-site training drilled into their brains. It is only through this extensive training, testing and experience on the job that a technician will have the knowledge to quickly and accurately analyze the proper steps that should be taken immediately to mitigate the damage that is occurring as soon as possible. Any restoration work to be done can only be started after the damage is stopped and completely dried out.

In fact Jim, the owner and operator of this restoration company, has the most certifications and licenses to his name and is the most senior member of the company. The correct team members that will be selected and sent out is carefully assigned by Jim. His experience in judging restoration cases and the possible amount of damage, means that the right team members with the right skills will be at your site.

PuroClean Restoration Specialists also helps its team members prepare for new, never-before-seen challenges. Constantly updating our knowledge bank, networking with contractors and specialists, reviewing restoration processes and strategies, keep us from becoming complacent. We also believe that this diligence and continued effort to improve, is the key to our success in helping stressed out homeowners that have just experienced the most horrible situation ever imagined.

Insurance Industry Education

Jim is also known as an educator within the industry as he has trained and been certified to teach Continuing Education Courses for insurance professionals. The property insurance industry is ever-changing and is regulated by individual states. Insurance agents and adjusters are required to train and be tested to receive CE Credits prior to renewing their license every two years.

Jim is one of the individuals that the insurance industry depends on too. Who is better qualified to teach and help train his company’s own teams.

Professional Restoration Contractor

If you want to work with a professional restoration contractor in Texas that really cares about you and your water damage emergency, give us a call. You will not have to be concerned with the question of whether the workers that show up will know what to do.

If your home has fire or water damage and needs emergency services assistance from a professional, call PuroClean Restoration Specialists at 469-656-7000!