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Give Your Home a Home Safety Assessment

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House FireYour home is your castle but it may not be the fortress you thought it was. Statistically, the home is where things are most likely to go wrong. From kitchen fires to malfunctioning sprinklers, anything can happen unless you take some time and give your house a home safety assessment.

Exterior Hazards

Take a walk around the exterior of your home. Hanging power lines and tree limbs present a fire hazard during high winds or when they’re frozen in the winter. Older trees that are growing too close to the house can topple over. Additionally, branches that break off can land on your roof, setting off sprinklers and causing water damage.

Have a tree trimmer come out to your house to assess the health and condition of all the trees on your property. Be ready to get rid of any potential hazards on your lawn that could spell disaster for your house.

Interior Hazards

The inside of your home should be a safe haven, but make sure to give it a home safety assessment to be sure. Keep clutter clear from stairs and hallways to avoid falls. Rugs and carpet runners should be smooth and flat on the floor of your home. Rugs and runners with grip bottoms are also less likely to cause a fall.

If you have a fireplace, be sure the area in front is clear of newspapers and kindling. Don’t have carpet directly in front of your hearth. Instead lay down tiles or have a floor installer put a surround around your hearth. Otherwise, sparking embers can easily jump from the fireplace to the carpet, starting a fire long after you and your family have gone to bed.

Be sure to keep fire extinguishers in every room of your house. In addition, the extinguishers should be rated for the type of fire most likely to start in a specific room. For example, your kitchen should have a fire extinguisher especially formulated to put out grease fires. Ensure that all the members of your family know where to find the extinguishers and understand how to use them.

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Many home disasters are preventable, though not all. Be sure to check the exterior and interior of your home not just once, but on a regular basis, in order to find potential hazards before they can cause harm. Conducting a thorough home safety assessment will give you and your loved ones the best chances of never having a home emergency.

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