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With over 20 years of experience in property mitigation and water damage restoration services, PuroClean Restoration Specialists has earned a reputation as “The Paramedics of Property Damage” in the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We do more than clean up after a property disaster. In response to every emergency, we provide a combination of exceptional property mitigation and construction services delivered with an equal degree of compassion.

Puroclean Restoration Specialists loves kidsPuroClean helps rescue people first and then homes. We put businesses back on their feet. We help you get back to your life. Loss of property can be overwhelming. It is an experience that affects families on both a material and emotional level with the loss of property as well as the loss of a feeling of safety and security.

PuroClean Restoration understands that responding to property and water damage emergencies is about more than restoring the damage. Behind every loss is a homeowner who needs consolation or a business owner who is struggling to minimize downtime.

What do you need to know?

When you are in the middle of a crisis situation, your first priority is to get your family or staff to safety and then to salvage a few valuables if possible. The next thing you need to focus on is how to get back to normal. The last thing you want to think about is the logistics of the cleanup. That’s where certified professionals come in. When you are in the midst of trying to pick up the pieces of your life following a devastating natural disaster, being able to call in a restoration specialist can be a giant relief.

Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire is a traumatic event for all involved. The process of restoring a property after a fire must begin immediately to salvage as much as possible. Great restoration specialists understand not only the need to act

Firefighter fighting a burning house with water

quickly but also the sensitivity of such an emotional situation. Restoration specialists will work on salvaging and restoring as much of the property as possible, including the fixtures, the structure, and the contents. Being able to restore property rather than having to replace it can save homeowners as much as 40 percent when it comes to total restoration costs.

The restoration specialists at PuroClean will keep homeowners up-to-date on their progress. They will also take the time to explain what can be salvaged and how as well as why some things cannot be saved. Service includes complete cleaning and sanitizing, odor removal, and vent and duct cleaning. Care is taken to ensure that property is treated with respect.

Flood Damage

When there has been a flood or when water has leaked into your home or business, there’s no time to lose. Mitigating loss requires a quick response. The longer a structure is allowed to remain wet, the greater the damage it can sustain. Drywall can deteriorate, structural integrity can weaken, and important items can be lost or ruined. Once the water has receded, it’s time to get to work!

Unwanted growth can set in quickly, so the first thing to do is to dehumidify the property. Experienced restoration specialists will be able to apply psychrometric science to manage dehumidifying and temperature for the most effective drying. The most comprehensive restoration services will also include carpet cleaning and the monitoring of specific items to ensure that everything has dried to an acceptable downed power lines, floodand safe standard, making sure there is as little water damage as possible and discouraging mold growth.


Unwanted growth develops where excess water and moisture have settled. Removal can be trickier than most people imagine because mold takes root beneath the surface of a material. That means that when you clean a surface, it may not be entirely gone. For example, chlorine bleach was designed to clean hard surfaces and may not seep into porous ones. Unfortunately, it might not be as effective as you think. The best way to deal with unwanted growth is to have it removed by professionals.

The first step the restoration specialists at PuroClean do is assess the situation to determine the source of the moisture. Once the moisture source has been fixed, they work to restore the area to a healthy condition. Finally, they focus on odor removal. PuroClean Restoration Specialists will not be satisfied that the job is done until your home or business has been fullyPuroclean Restoration Services headed to Houston after Hurricane Harvey! restored. They will not rest until you are also satisfied that the goal has been met.

When your home or business has been compromised by a natural disaster, you may feel vulnerable. You’ll probably be too busy making sure that your home, family, customers, or employees are taken care of to be able to begin cleaning up the mess. It can be a huge relief to be able to place the burden on restoration specialists. They not only clean up but also have the know-how to salvage as much of your property as possible. You can focus on putting your life back together while you let Puroclean worry about the rest.

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