Electrical Hazards That May Result from Water Damage

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Water Damage and Electricity Don’t Mix

Why Should a Homeowner be Careful About All Electrical Items and Appliances After Experiencing Water Damage?

When water damage has occurred, one of our team’s most critical tasks is a correct assessment of  any electrical issues that might be involved in a specific situation. This is as important for the safety of the homeowner as it is for the professional technicians as they go to work.

For example,  if a water loss has originated in an upstairs area in the home, whether it’s the second floor of the home or the attic above, the water is normally collecting on top of a drywall ceiling above. Most of the time it will soak the insulation creating even more of opportunity of the weight to build above that ceiling.

Water will find it’s way down!

Water will find the path of least resistance; recessed lights  or running down chandeliers. We’ve had instances where we arrive and the globes of the chandelier have already filled up with water. The bulbs have already burst and shorted out electrical circuitry.

Sometimes we can actually hear water falling down inside the wall the wall cavity. Possibly water is dripping or oozing from the wall plugs, or maybe the ceilings have begun to sag or fall through, potentially releasing huge volumes of damaging water into a lower living space.

Our men know that these situations can be very dangerous and approach the water damage areas with caution. Besides the physical water damage caused, electrical damage is extremely hazardous for all of us.

When we arrive, if we see that WetVacs or other equipment being used, our team will immediately carefully inspect them to confirm the integrity of the electrical damaged cords and that ends or connections are not allowed to lay in puddles of water. During an the initial call, we try to coach our clients quickly to be careful of the condition of any cords that might be running through water.

Professional Grade Equipment

All of the equipment we carry on our trucks and bring to a property is properly sized for the motors. The cords, the plugs, are all inspected before being loaded onto our trucks and are in great condition and UL approved. Although we will never bring a piece of equipment or connections that isn’t UL approved, we sometimes find, depending upon the age of the home, that we must be equipped with different adapters.

The electrical equipment that we must use, requires quite a bit of power and it may be necessary to use different techniques to provide additional power needed for that equipment. In many instances we will bring and hook up an actual electrical distribution equipment box into a range plug or a dryer plug that can then provide the power in the way it needs to be.

We also carry different adapters that might be necessary for different plug types. Depending on what the electrical code was at the time when your home was built, many times determines what we find. Once we plug into one of the higher voltage outlets, our equipment can better provide us with a safe, correct voltage to use to power that equipment.

Hidden Problems

An additional concern can come from circuits in homes that are tied to floor plugs that may or may not even be known. We have found floor plugs that have been covered by carpets or even hardwood flooring. The homeowner did not even know that the plugs existed.

In the event that the area  was flooded and there is even still dampness around those circuits, they can potentially be hazardous to someone using a wall plug that is connected as part of that same overall circuit.

Our experienced, professional team leaders and crews have been trained to  always be mindful and cautious about every project and the added element of danger of electrical implications as they relate to water damage.

Professional Restoration Services

If you have experienced water damage and now need water extraction, mold or mildew remediation, we recommend that you contact professionals such as PuroClean Restoration Specialists. When it’s an interior leak, with timely contact, quick response and professional structural drying, we can save almost everything: drywall, wood, carpets and most contents! We will measure the moisture content of materials, monitor and log progress so we know the actual drying time and ensure restoration to the appropriate dry standard. We offer a comprehensive emergency clean up services for all types of water damage, including carpet cleaning and restoration as well as water removal services.

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