Do Residential Fire Sprinklers Help or Hurt?

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High Quality Residential Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler HeadToday, any high-quality, well-equipped residential home seems to have automatic fire sprinklers in place to help reduce amount of damage caused in the case of an accidental fire. However, when we approach it from the perspective of a fire and water restoration specialist, we have had more than our fair share of cases where there was something wrong with this ‘life-safety system’ itself that leads to water damage being sustained in homes.

Accidental water damage and leaks from a malfunctioning fire sprinkler head is a concern that is real, and should be given adequate precaution.

In some properties where fire sprinklers have been added, a chemical such as glycol, is being added into the sprinkler lines. This property is less likely to incur freeze damage because of the use of glycol, but some may point to that as causing more leaks.

Other Possible Problems with a Residential Fire Sprinkler System

There are definitely certain risks and rewards to be gained from investing in a fire sprinkler system.

There is also a possibility of someone accidentally puncturing the sprinkler lines, since they are running through places where there typically is not any plumbing.

Even a simple mistake such as incorrectly testing the sprinkler heads could result in a flooded home that will likely require on-site restoration services. A sprinkler head is designed to spray water in order to put out a fire, but when it goes off accidentally it will still spray out an enormous amount of water until it is shut off at a valve.

One of the most common issues that we find is that residential fire sprinkler systems are notoriously not maintained properly. This is the #1 issue that we find.

However, it’s not until there is an emergency situation and the sprinklers are activated that one truly realizes the life-saving potential the sprinklers have.

As fire and water restoration workers with years of experience in working with clients, we’ve had an equal handful of cases where the overhead sprinkler has accidentally gone off or been damaged, versus when the sprinkler helps in extinguishing a fire.

Hire a Professional

We will tell you that we certainly believe fire sprinklers will help in emergency fire situations. We seen how they help in the event of a fire. When you have a fire and you have fire sprinklers, it will greatly reduce the amount of fire damage. But there will always be a need for a professional that can deal with both the fire and the water damage mess it creates.

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