Damaged Carpet from Water Damage

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Is it Best Just to Replace Carpet that Has Water Damage?

Carpet vs. Padding

Padding is very easy to match. It’s sold by its thickness and by its density or weight. After water damage in your home, carpet is much more difficult to match. Over time with different lighting conditions, different vacuuming habits, different foot traffic patterns and wear, carpet is normally more difficult to replace without being able to see the area very clearly.

Replacing Damaged Carpet or Not

PuroClean Restoration Specialists of Frisco specializes in property mitigation and restoration.Whether we are working for an individual or working for with insurance agent, we’re going to try to help everyone understand what we believe is the best solution possible and available options.  We also try to establish that the insurance companies understand that when we remove carpet in a room or we’re able to clean carpet in one area, it still may have affected other areas as well.

Carpet quality and available matching colors are so very unique and very individualized in many properties. With today’s technology, it’s fairly simple to have a carpet specialist, normally handled by the insurance carrier, determine the carpet density and quality.  If the manufacturer and age can be determined, they can many times determine if carpet replacement is available, sometimes even after the manufacturer discontinues that line of carpet.

When it’s possible to extract the bulk of the water quickly and get the carpet dried out by the best available methods, it is many times better to re-use the existing carpet…but as you can tell, timing and professional technicians with the right equipment are all critical to the water damage restoration process.

Water Damaged Wood Floors

When we encounter water damage to wood floors, every restoration project is taken on an individualized case-by-case basis. Wood flooring is probably the most popular floor material today. Just as with carpet, there are many different types and styles of wood flooring used today, but the options sometimes are more limited.

Our next article will look at water damage, wood floors and some of the more critical processes required.

Professional Restoration Specialists

Puroclean Restoration handles water damage restoration in Dallas TX and throughout the surrounding DFW area.  If you’re seeking a restoration contractor experienced in water or mold damage and the removal of water in DFW, give PuroClean Restoration Specialists a call at 469-656-7000 today!