Continuing Education – For Insurance Professionals or Homeowners?

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What is Continuing Education and…
What Does It Mean in the Insurance Industry?

Why is it important to you as a Homeowner?

 Insurance ProfessionalMany homeowners know they must carry insurance to protect their property and the mortgage company’s interest in it, but may not be sure why it’s so important or even trust the insurance industry as a whole.

Most people in any professional industry understand that we must learn new things to get better and expand our skill sets. We normally do that through reading articles, attending seminars and product shows to stay up to date on our specific industry trends.

The insurance industry is one of the very few that has stringent requirements  and enforcement of a very formal continuing education program.

But First…Can you Believe This?

The insurance industry is often looked at with disdain and disbelief at their true motives. Studies have shown that the insurance industry as a whole is not trusted. Unfortunately some of these same studies indicate the same about many ordinary people.

Can you “Fill in the Blank”?

1 in 6 Americans regularly _____________ on the job.

1 in 4 Americans expects to compromise _____________ in order to get ahead in their current job.

1 in 2 Americans genuinely believes you get ahead by ____________, not by hard work.

Here are the answers provided by people in the study…

1 in 6 Americans regularly drinks or uses drugs on the job. Just under 20%.

1 in 4 Americans expects to compromise personal beliefs in order to get ahead in their current job. 25%.

1 in 2 Americans genuinely believes you get ahead by politics and cheating, not by hard work. 50%.

Why Should I Care About This?

Now, as a homeowner, you may ask why is this study is relevant or “How does this affect me?” The answer is that there are many people, at least a lot more than one might think, that appear to believe that it’s acceptable to cheat or lie about something to get what they want.

Did You Know…???

The insurance industry is tightly regulated by State Insurance Regulatory Boards that are extremely consistent when it comes to “Ethics” and standards. Formal Continuing Education requirements is an important method of refreshing the industry’s workforce knowledge base as a whole.

Insurance Agents and Adjusters are required to renew their license every two (2) years in most states. This is important since they cannot lawfully continue to work in the insurance industry without a license issued by each state that they conduct business in…yes, by each state.

The state insurance regulatory boards review and investigate all complaints that are lodged against an Agent or an Adjuster. That state agency has the authority, if the complaint is severe enough and found to be warranted, to reprimand or even revoke a license for an Agent or an Adjuster working within that state. In addition, state boards often share information with other states that an Agent or Adjuster is licensed in to maintain high standards of conduct.

This action, or that of not renewing your license, effectively prevents you from doing any type of business or transaction within the insurance industry as an Agent or an Adjuster.

License Renewals and Continuing Education

As stated above, every Agent or Adjuster must renew the license for each state every two years. As part of accomplishing that renewal, each Agent or Adjuster must have successfully completed 30 Hours of approved Continuing Education (CE) Courses provided by an approved “Provider” in their “home” state prior to the renewal date. Within that requirement, at least 2 Hours must be an approved course in “Ethics”. Most of these courses have exams of some kind at the end to “prove” that the course has been successfully completed.

As critical as the accomplishment of just getting through this CE requirement is, very few people want to just take a course for the checkmark. There is a reason for this requirement and it’s so much more beneficial for everyone involved to have an opportunity to really learn something new or reinforce knowledge each and every time.

A new or improved piece of equipment or a new process or product…something that can help broaden the knowledge base for an insurance professional as they assist their customers during very traumatic events in their lives. Maybe it’s a refresher or reminder about certain coverage that can help your homeowners get their home back as it was before a loss.

Puroclean Restoration Services in Frisco TX is one of the “approved” providers for many of the CE Courses required. But even more important is the professionalism, and knowledge through personal experiences that can be taught and shared, making the Continuing Education Courses more understandable and enjoyable for all.

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