Have You Met your CE Course Requirements for 2017?

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Fulfilling the state requirement of 30 continuing education credits every two years can sometimes be challenging for insurance professionals. Squeezing in a three-credit continuing education class while working full-time previously meant long drives to distant hotel conference facilities. At PuroClean’s operations center in Frisco, Texas, insurance professionals can tap into industry expertise conveniently and locally. To date, PuroClean McKinney Frisco has now conducted 52 CE courses, with 800+ attendees, 2400 credits towards CE licensing requirements!

Our Classroom

Our Frisco facility provides state-of-the-art water damage restoration support for our PuroClean team. It also includes a classroom for delivering the continuing education classes needed by industry professionals to learn more about smoke damage, water damage, and mitigation services. PuroClean supports insurance professionals with these three-hour courses, even providing a complimentary lunch.

Having the classroom within our larger facility helps PuroClean provide practical instruction and demonstrations, too. Rather than just abstractly discuss, for example, the methods of deodorizing a home’s contents, insurance agents can see the actual deodorization equipment and become familiar with its application. Agents and adjusters taking these continuing education courses can examine every aspect of water damage restoration, from contents cleaning to drying chambers.

Courses Offered

PuroClean provides a variety of continuing education classes on-site in Frisco, rotating the offerings so that insurance professionals can complete their state requirements when convenient to their schedules. The continuing education courses range from basics of water damage to more complex issues, here are a few:

  • Mold Remediation October 20th – it’s not too late, sign up today!
  • Understanding the Restoration Industry: Fire Damage – Coming November 17th
  • Deodorization of Residential Property
  • Emergency Mitigation
  • Ethics in Modern Society
  • Structural Drying of Water Damaged Homes
  • Successful Migration of Water Damage


The continuing education course PuroClean offers, Ethics in Modern Society, is a specific state requirement from the state insurance commission and is invaluable to the insurance industry. At PuroClean we practice what we teach. We pride ourselves on demonstrating ethical standards in our water damage mitigation services.

Whether storing a family’s home contents securely and safely or helping a business through the emotional devastation of a flood, we realize the people we serve are more important than possessions. Our continuing education course can not only fulfill the state requirement, it serves as a helpful reminder of the true purpose of the insurance and water damage restoration industries.

Impressive Results

The dynamics of a continuing education class depend not only on the instructor but the class members. With the classroom space in Frisco, PuroClean can assemble interested industry professionals whose own stories and experiences help to support the classwork. Having an opportunity to share ideas and solutions is valuable in any business, and PuroClean’s continuing education classes offer that platform for openness and collaboration.

The rotating class schedule and excellent facilities provided by PuroClean mean that insurance professionals can fulfill their state licensing continuing education requirements, meet with other members of the profession, and learn about the best services to provide their clients.

Customer Service

Insurance agents and claims adjusters should present a confident, helpful attitude toward their clients, whether homeowners or business owners suffering from water, smoke or fire damage. Often meeting their insurance professionals under the most adverse of circumstances, claimants seek strong reassurance and instant answers.

The continuing education courses offered by PuroClean can give agents and adjusters the tools they need to convey that calm confidence to clients. This improves the relationship between the insurance industry and claimants and gets needed restoration services on-site faster.

Through these continuing education classes, PuroClean helps increase insurance customer retention while lowering loss adjustment expenses. The goal for everyone—insurance professional, claimant, and PuroClean—is reached faster and more economically when agents and adjusters are familiar with the resources and methods PuroClean offers.

Register for Classes

Are you an insurance professional who needs credits toward your license renewal? View our classes online and register or give us a call at 469-656-7000.