Are There ” Contents ” Items That You Can’t Help With?

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Are Other Experts Needed with Certain Types of Contents Items?

PuroClean, a leader in property emergency services, helps families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mold and other conditions resulting in property damage.When it comes to dealing with certain types of contents at a fire or water damage site, our professionals understand that they are sometimes limited in their abilities and operational constraints.

What we mean by this is better explained below.

At times we find specific items that we would consider “specialty contents” that are possibly one-of-a-kind artifacts, original artwork, or other items that might be considered priceless since it may be difficult or impossible to replace.

We’ve developed a circle of influence made up of well-defined restoration specialists in their field who are on-call for their expertise in case of such an emergency situation. These types of contents may require care and attention using only specialized equipment, specially trained staff, or may even be off-limits to the fire and water damage team.

In the near term, the condition of these items are best helped by minimal contact and hands-on work. Often, this means that we may recommend that the items receive only a gentle blow dry or even freeze dried for protection.

Fine Art Restorations

Sometimes, valuable paintings and artifacts must be packed and forwarded to conservatories or specialty restorers who specialize in the restoration of fine art. PuroClean Restoration Specialists makes it a point to maintain good business relationships with such companies in order to negotiate a reasonable price for our clients.

These relationships can also speed up the fire and water damage restoration process. We have seen our clients get their items to the top of the priority queue and more reasonable pricing. However, some clients insist on contracting directly with the specialists. Because it is likely that it will be a one-time experience, they may not receive the same treatment or priority.

Oriental Rugs

Similarly, a fine oriental rug must be dealt with the same kind of gentle and specialized care.

On our part, we can handle the initial water extraction and gentle drying. Our experienced technicians will note and photograph details of the artifact, such as it’s frame, composition, etc. We will also document all initial steps that were taken.


Severely damaged electronics that our workers may feel uncomfortable dealing with due to their fragility are dealt with in the same manner. We will contract one of our providers to pick it up, restore it, and clean it off-site.

The amount of knowledge and resources required for every customized content issue is analyzed individually and treated with the appropriate action. In cases where we may not believe that we are the best choice for the task, we are not afraid to refer the work to a better suited experts in that field.

Hire Only Experienced Professionals

If you or someone you know has sustained heavy fire and water damage to your property, you may have questions about the kind of insurance coverage and budget required to get it professionally restored. We are the professionals that can help…first help you with all your emergency clean up needs, help find the right specialists when needed and help try to keep the pricing for special skills in line with what the insurance industry is comfortable reimbursing.

Many of our former customers have been so pleased with the level of service received, they have shared their experiences for everyone to see.

If your home has storm damage or fire and water damage and needs emergency services assistance from PuroClean Restoration Specialists, give us a call at 469-656-7000.