How to Help Kids Deal with Thunderstorms

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With thunderstorms there is always the threat of some type of damage – water, wind, or lightning in some cases. Thunderstorms are also loud and dramatic, so it’s no wonder children fear them. Many kids outgrow the fear as they get older, but for some the fear continues to cause anxiety for many years. It’s important for all adults – …

tornado storm shelter

How to Buy a Storm Shelter in Texas

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Storm season is never far away. With the storms that hit the Dallas area in the last few months of 2015 and so far this spring, many people are preparing themselves for future tornadoes. A few older homes have old-fashioned storm cellars, but modern homes increasingly do not. Homeowners in Texas are now trying to play catch-up before the next …

emergency evacuation plan

Creating an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Creating an emergency evacuation plan ensures that you and your family will be ready in the event that disaster strikes. Household evacuations are more common than most people realize. Each year hundreds of people are forced to leave their homes rapidly because of disasters, such as: Floods Fires Hurricanes Earthquakes Industrial accidents The more that you can do to prepare …

Power Outage Party Tips: What To Do When the Power Goes Out

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Disaster never strikes when it’s convenient. It’s one thing if the lights go out when you’re home alone or with your family, but what if the lights go out when you have guests? If you’ve been planning a get together for months, it may not be possible to reschedule when the power goes out– especially if some guests are coming from out of …

Portable Generators 101

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There are many reasons why a home might lose power, including bad weather, or other natural disasters. But when the power fails, it’s more than just the lights that go out. In an emergency, you need a back up power supply to keep your family comfortable, safe, and healthy. The best way to ensure an emergency power supply is to purchase a generator. It’s …

Emergency Recovery Plan for a Flooded Home

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An emergency recovery plan for a flooded home is necessary since flooding can occur at any time. Whether your home may be damaged by major snow thaw, fire, or leaking water or sewage pipes, an emergency recovery plan gives you an outline for dealing with a tough situation. This will allow you and your family to familiarize yourselves with necessary procedures and potential problems. Not only do you …

Emergency Preparedeness: Pet Emergency Plans

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Pet emergency preparedness is necessary to protect your pets from the aftermath of disasters. Your response to disaster will depend on the type of disaster. Whether it is a storm, fire, flooding, earthquake, or any other disaster, you need a plan so that you can act decisively to save lives and property. A pet emergency plan will ensure that you consider …

Emergency Preparedness: How To Prepare your Children

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness

Happiness, security, and bonding are what most parents want for their children. But empowering them with knowledge of emergency preparedness is also especially important. Parents talk and teach their children about so many things in life. Having a plan in place for an emergency is not only smart, but allows your children to build their self-esteem as they learn and are …