Can I Live in My House While The Water Damage is Drying Out?

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water damage to ceiling sheetrock and insulation photoMy Water Heater just flooded my house, can I live in my house while the water damage is drying out?

This is a question that we hear quite often. When something drastic happens like this, or there’s severe damage from a storm or anything like that, it affects the family. There’s just no way around it. Water damage must be systematically dried out and it’s an inconvenience at best and intolerable at times in the worst conditions.

It Depends on the Type of Water Damage and Where It Is Located

We have projects where the family is able to adjust their routine and their life around all the structural drying equipment and work that it takes to get your home back in order. Some of the answer however depends on where the damage has occurred.

If the flooding or water damage occurred in your kitchen, it may be very difficult to maintain a normal lifestyle at all for your family.

Without the use of the key elements in your home, it might be better to consider finding other options.

It may also depend on the size of your home, and it may depend on your own personal tolerance for some of the associated hassles that go with operating the specialty equipment.

Some of the equipment gives off heat. Other pieces of equipment are creating turbulence, and all of the equipment creates noise, so we have some folks that were shocked at their ability to stay in their home through the drying process.

And for others, they had to move to another part of or move out of their home.

We Can Help With The Documentation for Your Insurance Claim

We can help you look at your options to make that decision. Part of your homeowners insurance coverage is called ALE, or “Additional Living Expenses”. We can help our clients understand how those options apply and how they might be able to use them.

We are also able to help with those issues and with insurance claim handling as it pertains to documentation and receipts. As with water damage or any other type of fire or storm damage, it is still the insurance carriers call. The homeowner must work closely with their insurance agent and carrier to make certain that all the criteria or requirements can be met and if those ALE options might be available to them.

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