road trip safety - traveling family in front of vehicle with laborador dog

On the Road Again: Family Road Trip Safety Tips

Jim Bauer Safety Tips

Summer time is road trip season! Many things that can go wrong when traveling by car far from home. However, most emergencies can be averted or minimized with a little careful planning beforehand. The importance of planning for road trip emergencies becomes more crucial when you know that you are going to have your children with you. Here are some family …

remove oil stains from your driveway - spilled oil on asphalt with oil-stained rag

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Oil

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

Driveways and garages aren’t just a place to park your car. Auto maintenance, hobbies, and even children’s playtime can all happen there. With that much use, it’s not uncommon for an occasional mishap to occur. If you need to know how to remove oil stains from your driveway, or any other common stain, keep reading. As always, remember to wear appropriate protective gear …

summer safety tips - girl in rainbow swimsuit and pool tube in swimming pool

Summa Summa Summatime: Summer Safety Tips

Jim Bauer Safety Tips

Summer is a wonderful season for outdoor activities, but it also poses potential dangers to you and your home. Here are six summer safety tips to help make sure that you and your family enjoy the warmer months outdoors. 1. Protect yourself from UV rays The sun is strongest in the summer. Although that makes for more days at the beach or …

Spring Storms - home inspection checklist

7 Tips for Inspecting Your Home

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

Don’t wait until there’s a disaster to make home improvements. Inspecting your home regularly can prevent major problems and save you from expensive emergency repairs. When inspecting your home, use the seven tips below to spot potential problems. 1. Cracks in the Foundation A crack in your home’s foundation is a sure sign of a potentially serious issue. It can mean there …

household chemicals - icon graphic of household cleaning bottles

Dealing with Household Chemicals

Jim Bauer Safety Tips

If you are like many people, you are probably storing a lot of household chemicals in your home, garage, and shed. When properly stored, used, and disposed of, household chemicals usually do not pose a threat. However, when they aren’t, you may have a dangerous situation on your hands that could jeopardize your health or be an environmental hazard. To avoid …

remove smoke smell - crinkled paper house on fire with wood background

How To Remove Smoke Smell from your Home

Jim Bauer Insurance Restoration

Smoke smell is one of the most stubborn odors to remove from your home, whether the smoke is from a fire or from cigarettes. Exposure to third-hand smoke is a potential health hazard to you and your family, especially if anyone suffers from a respiratory condition. Smoke can permeate soft surfaces such as carpeting and furniture and can coat hard surfaces …

under sink storage - cartoon graphics collage of cleaning supplies

Under the Sink Safety and Storage Ideas

Jim Bauer Home Maintenance and Repair

It’s easy to let the area under your bathroom or kitchen sink become a catchall. The mess that usually follows can become chaotic and, in some cases, dangerous. With some organization and under sink storage ideas, you can get the clutter under control. Being Careful with Cleaning Supplies Many kitchen cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals. While the products get the job …

fire prevention - puroclean text graphic for family fire safety preparation

Fire Prevention Checklist

Jim Bauer Emergency Preparedness, Safety Tips

Fires happen more often than we think. In fact, it’s a leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Review this fire prevention checklist to make sure your family is prepared to escape safely from your home if the unthinkable occurs. Basic Fire Safety Tips Don’t try to put out a fire that’s larger than the size of a chair. Get yourself and …