Large Loss – What Does That Mean?

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How Would a Large Loss Be Identified? Does an Insurance Company Treat a Large Loss Disaster Differently? These are all great questions, and as a large loss can be categorized in several different ways, there are several answers. You can look at it by dollar volume, by the size of the affected space or perhaps by the complexity of the loss. …

Mold Damage – Do You Know What Not To Do?

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Tips About Mold Damage “To Be or Not To Be” – That’s Almost the Question “To Be or Not To Be – That is the Question” is probably the most famous of all Shakespeare quotes. But when it comes to water, fire or mold damage, the best thing you want to know is “What NOT to Do“. First a Mold …

Do You Have CPR Lined Up for Your Home?

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Emergency Mitigation and Clean Up Services How Does CPR Apply to My Home? PuroClean Restoration Services is known throughout the North Texas area and DFW Metroplex as the “Go-To” company for Restoration Services. From trained, experienced personnel and access of their own equipment to reduce response times, PuroClean has built their glowing reputation one customer at a time.

Do You Know How to Turn Off Each Utility at Your Home?

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Tips About Utility Shut Off Valves What Would We do Without our Utility Providers? Utility Providers…what would we do without them? Today our lifestyles include little thought or worry over whether we will have electricity or gas or water when we need it. It’s always just there, working away.

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Are the Chemicals in Your Home Dangerous

Jim Bauer Safety Tips

Have you ever stopped to think about the chemicals that are used in and around our homes? Restoration Specialists explain that typical chemical products that are routinely used in most every home should be one of the biggest priorities to carefully review after an accident or disaster. Whether a powder or liquid, it is important to know and understand not …

Water Damage – Don’t Let It Devastate Your Home or Family

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We recognize that when water damage happens to you and in your home… it is a big deal! We don’t wish this type of situation on anyone. Unfortunately, we work in situations like this every day, and because of that we understand the trauma that accompanies each one. And it’s not just the damage that everyone seems to standing around and …

Electrical Hazards That May Result from Water Damage

Jim Bauer Safety Tips

Water Damage and Electricity Don’t Mix Why Should a Homeowner be Careful About All Electrical Items and Appliances After Experiencing Water Damage? When water damage has occurred, one of our team’s most critical tasks is a correct assessment of  any electrical issues that might be involved in a specific situation. This is as important for the safety of the homeowner …

How Do You Find the Early Stages of Mold or Mildew?

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Mold or Mildew a Problem at Your House? Mold or Mildew – Can My Air Conditioner Keep It Under Control? Professional restoration technicians should be licensed and trained in mold remediation. They must know how to protect themselves, how to protect the occupants of the home, and to protect the property. Almost every damage scenario that we encounter is unique. …

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Moisture Detection – What Is That Equipment?

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Water Damage and Moisture Detection Moisture Detection – How Can You Be So Sure? How Can You Tell If There is Water That Can’t Be Seen? Certain pieces of the equipment that we show up with in the truck are different types of moisture detection meters. As we stated in our last article, some of the water we weren’t able …